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 App Based VPN ($99) Instructions

  1. First, you will need to disable or pause your anti-virus program.  If you do not know how to do this you will need to contact your anti-virus provider.
  2. For optimal performance we recommend you do a manual VPN install for your specific operating system and is required for Mac/iOS.  To get started select the VPN manual setup tab on the left.
  3. You will need your username/password (IMPORTANT - when typing your Username make sure that you use a ZERO and not a letter O directly following the word privacy)
  4. Enter your VPN credentials in your control panel
  5. Connect and enjoy browsing safely on your device!
  6. Use your VPN control panel to connect/disconnect.


NOTE:  You may need to add PrivacyAbroad as an exception in your Anti-Virus program.  Contact your Anti-Virus provider for instructions on how to do this.


Go to the download for the PC Here