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IMPORTANT news regarding our recent migration to our new Email platform


 Click to watch video tutorial of our NEW Email Platform

 Email video tutorialEmail video tutorial

PROBLEM:  How do I change my Password?

SOLUTION:  See Screen shots below.  Click ADMIN on left column then the PROFILE icon in the upper right corner.


Click AdminClick Admin

Click Profile to change your passwordClick Profile to change your password



PROBLEM:  I can't login!

SOLUTION:  Login at swissmail using your Email address (Not your alias or username)


PROBLEM:  I can't see my folders!

SOLUTION:  Follow the screen shot instructions below to subscribe and view your folders


How to view foldersHow to view folders 


PROBLEM:  How do I use my alias email addresses in the new platform?

SOLUTION:  Follow the 2 steps in the screen shots below to create identities for each alias



PROBLEM:  I can't read German!

SOLUTION:  Learn German quickly or follow screen shots below to change language to English